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Germany (all)

This page lists all reports that for Germany including those that involve other countries too.
Click here for a list of reports that involve only Germany.
All descriptions are in English, unless otherwise noted.


Thirty two years of bicycle tours, Cannes film festival, several Tour de France
by George Christensen, submitted 10 June 2024

George Christensen has been cyclotouring for decades, spending a good part of the year wandering around the world on his bicycle. He has biked the length of three continents (North America, South America, Australia) and one sub-continent (India). Included here are reports his travels since 1991.

He’s followed the Tour de France seventeen times beginning in 2004, riding much of each year's route, fully loaded, before or after the peloton and sent out regular reports during the race, also posted here.

He's also an independent film enthusiast, attending or working at several major film festivals annually, including Telluride and Cannes. His coverage of Cannes is also included here in May of 2004-2015.

Tour Across Bavaria
by Piaw Na, tour started June 2019, submitted 8 August 2019

In June 2019, I took both my sons (4 and 7) on a triplet from Zurich to Salzburg. My wife came along on a rented e-bike. The trip covered 372 miles, much of it along the Bodensee-Konigsee bike route.

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Stein Am Rhein
Werratal Tour
by Iris Mueck, tour started July 2019, submitted 24 July 2019
Europe: Germany

We did the Werra Valley core tour. Based at Bad Salzungen we made classic tour to Merkers (Schaubergwerk), Vacha, the former border city with a wonderful old town and the historical Werra bridge. Bicycle trails in all directions. Good marked. We have been at Bad Liebenstein, Meiningen, Lutherort Möra, Tiefenort. Eisenach (Wartburg). Every day, we enjoyed the swim in the Gradierwerk Sole bath.

Our hotel: Solewerk Hotel. Very modern. The former name: "Freundschaft"- somehow typical for the times, when "real socialism" existed. Everyone who is interested to repeat this tour, should remember, the Rhoen Mountain range sucks some power off. Rolling mountains with heights up to 450 meters.

One thing which seems important to mention: The road to Eisenach is a very busy road. Beside the steep climb it is not wise to ride this road. We have exceptionally not found a bike trail...

Good luck to our followers. Enjoy the pictures!

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Europarad Tour 2019
by Iris Mueck, tour started May 2019, submitted 30 May 2019
Europe: Germany
language: de

Europarad ist eine völkerverbindende Radfahrgemeinschaft der sich die Partnerstädte Rossdorf/Thürigen, Rossdorf/Hessen, Billy-Montigny/Frankreich, Regello/Italien, Vösendorf/Österreich angeschlossen haben.

Wurde vom Gründer Bernd Schäfer/Darmstadt ins Leben gerufen. Europarad versteht sich als eine Pro-Europa Organisation die Menschen verschiedener Europäischer Länder zusammenbringt. Gemeinsam Sport zu treiben verbindet.

Ich hoffe Ihr erfreut Euch an diesem meinem Beitrag. Good luck to our followers!

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Europarad Logo
Mountain touring with a 6 year old on a tandem
by Piaw Na, tour started June 2018, submitted 24 August 2018

From June 14th to July 3rd, Bowen, who at the time was 6 years old, and I traveled in Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Liechtenstein on a tandem bicycle. We cycled 639 miles (1028km) and made 39,402 feet (12010m) of elevation gain. We had 5 train transfers, 1 taxi transfer, and 2 flat tires, with no days of riding in the rain.

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Piaw and Bowen climbing the Stelvio
by Iris Mueck, tour started June 2018, submitted 27 June 2018
Europe: Germany

This blog is made for interested bicyclists in order to check distances and accommodations. The inserted pictures round the blog. You know: We have to move, there is no time to stall. An interesting bike trail, which has to get done...

Total 318 Kilometer
no significant climb
Road mostly paved
Hope you enjoy the blog and pictures. Good luck to our followers.

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Main sign
Road bike tour Pinggau to Rudersdorf
by Iris Mueck, tour started September 2017, submitted 18 September 2017
Europe: Germany, Austria

First of all: the trail really exists... We thought it was a fake... All what is written in the Internet is not correct!

There are no e-bike charging stations along the route. Only at Rudersdorf we have seen one (and occupied by the local e-bike rental shop). One explanation we heard whilst our tour: the route is "young" and not everything is established...

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Road bike tour Lindau - Berchtesgaden
by Iris Mueck, tour started August 2017, submitted 1 September 2017
Europe: Germany, Austria

The bicycle trail "Königsseeradweg" is very good marked. Again: expect many, many gravel roads. Expect Germany's best scenic Southern landscape (Allgäu - Bavaria). At the area Füssen / Schwangau it is very busy. Heavy traffic, too many tourists from all over the world. We have been calling at least 10 times to find a proper accommodation.

Assuming you do it without an e-bike, this tour is only for trained and experienced bicyclists, with good equipment. I have been riding with a triple gear in front and the rear sproket has been 28 teeth (should be 30!).

Good luck to our followers.

See all 119 reports by Iris Mueck

Two Lonely Cyclists
by Erik Nomden, tour started August 2016, submitted 5 January 2017
Europe: Austria, Germany, Italy
language: en, nl

For the first time Margarita and I go will embark on bicycle journey together. It will be the first time for Margarita that she will do a bike trip of more than one day and it will be the first time that she will cycle on a fully loaded bicycle. We will first start to cycle along the Danube in Austria and then we will continue to follow the Danube in Germany or we might take in some foothills or mountains in the Alps.

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Margarita on the descent to Saalfelden, Austria
Prag - Zürich - Juni / Juli
by José Rössner, tour started June 2014, submitted 27 November 2016
language: de, en, nl

Am Vorabend bringt uns Gaby (Tochter meiner Schwester) bei strömendem Regen zum Bahnhof nach Zürich. Wir nehmen (meine Schwester und ich) den City-Night-Line-Zug nach Prag. Leider ist nächstes Jahr Schluss mit dem Nachtzug, sehr schade. Es ist angenehm solch eine lange Fahrt, ca. 12 Stunden, schlafend zu verbringen. Wir kommen etwas nach 09:00h ausgeschlafen am Bahnhof von Prag an.

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Karlsbrücke in Prag
Tour of the Alps 2016
by Piaw Na, tour started July 2016, submitted 12 October 2016

From July 5th to July 26th, along with Arturo Crespo and Pengtoh Sim, I covered 1988km of riding with 35310m of climbing in Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Liechtenstein, Germany, and France. We had 2 flat tires, 1 minor mechanical on Arturo Crespo's bike, one major upgrade on Peng-Toh Sim's bike. We rode every day, with one rest day in Baden-Baden with relatively minor riding.

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Passo Gavia
Along the Rhine from Switzerland to the North Sea
by José Rössner, tour started September 2015, submitted 28 October 2015
language: en, de, nl

Cycling along the Rhine. September 2015. From Bremgarten CH. to the North Sea in Katwijk aan Zee, Holland.

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Here, in Katwijk aan zee, flows the Oude Rijn into the North Sea.
Die Deutsche Alpenstrasse
by José Rössner, tour started August 2015, submitted 25 August 2015
language: en, de, nl

The German Alpine Road, from Lindau on Lake Constance to Berchtesgaden on Königsee

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On my way, Zugspitze. The highest mountain in Germany
by José Rössner, tour started September 2014, submitted 3 October 2014
language: de, en, nl

A beautiful autumn bike ride through the Alsace and the Black Forest. In Alsace, I cycled on the Route des Crétes and back via the Black Forest High Street. The weather was fine and I had only a few hours of rain.

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Car supported Tour of the Alps 2011
by Piaw Na, tour started June 2011, submitted 19 August 2014

A supported tour of the alps through France, then a self-supported ride through Italy and Austria with a run into Germany to avoid rain.

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Col de la Lombarde
A pleasures mountain-bike tour Hamburg to Lueneburg
by Iris Mueck, tour started June 2014, submitted 13 June 2014
Europe: Germany

We took the chance to visit our German bike friends to visit them. Whitsunday is a busy time in Germany. A lot of bikers are on the way... . It seems Hamburg is somehow competing with Copenhagen.

We found so many bike groups. Some of them heading for the same destination.

We had sunshine by nature and in our hearts. It was simply fun.

The arrival at the "llmenau Radweg" is somehow special. To eat and drink at the end of the tour, in a historic town of Lueneburg was our award for the tour.

Dr. No rides an electric bike, and he rides hard. Always stressing me by speed. "If I would know, you are behind me, I would have been riding much more slower..." (A joker or what?)...

Enjoy the pictures and the report. Good luck to our followers!

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on the bike trail
Basile - Bruxelles
by Paola Angelucci, tour started August 2013, submitted 6 January 2014
language: it

Da Basilea a Bruxelles in bicicletta

diario di una ciclista selvatica.

Un racconto vivace che mette a dura prova sia le doti documentaristiche sia quelle tecniche della protagonista ospite di un sito di grande qualità.

by Michael Simmons, tour started June 2008, submitted 13 December 2013

I always dreamed of bicycling through Europe and climbing as many of the famous climbs of the Tour de France and Giro Italia as possible. My tour ended up being for almost 10 weeks, 3020 miles/4860 kilometers, and I pedaled through 10 countries. I loved the entire tour but 2 aspects stand out: 1)France stands out for my favorite cycling, for the amazing secondary road system and because I got to climb, the Tourmalet, Aubisque, Peyresourde, Aspin, Mont Ventoux, Alpe D'Huez, Lauteret; and 2) I visited the home villages of three of my grandparents in Slovenia and Croatia. Crossing Italy I opted for the Italian Riviera and Tuscany, but later wished I had pedaled across the Lakes Region and the Dolomites. And because of factors out of my control I had to cut my trip short so I skipped my plans of zig zagging across Switzerland. Enjoy my journal and the pictures.

Celebrating Arrival To Slovenia
Tasting Travels - Tasting the Cultures of the world by bike
by Annika & Roberto, tour started November 2011, submitted 1 December 2013
language: en, de, es

Blog entries and Articles about people, places and cultures.

Bicycle Travel as a Model to Cultivate Empathy.

We are currently travelling by bicycle and promoting this idea along the way. We would like to share the wonders of bike travel with the world and help other people to plan their own. We do this by writing about our experiences in our blog, posting articles about people, places and their culture in our website and giving live presentations in schools. We are moved by the strong believe that bike travel is an excellent way to cultivate empathy in our world, not only towards human beings but to other living species. We hope you have fun browsing through our site and we will be happy to hear from you. We look forward to receiving your questions and reading your comments. We are at your service.

Roberto and Annika cycling through Iran in August 2012
Verona - Budapest II^ parte
by Stefano Cieno, tour started August 2013, submitted 29 November 2013
language: it

Itinerario con partenza da Verona e ritorno a Verona con bici proprie e treno. Seconda parte con attraversamento Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava.

See all 4 reports by Stefano Cieno

A journey from the Netherlands to Nepal
by Martin and Susanne, tour started February 2014, submitted 22 November 2013

We are embarking on a wonderful journey in February 2014. We will go through the most beautiful countries and meet the most joyful people. Follow us and share your ideas with us.

This is us on our way to the pyrenees, this was in the summer 2013 as a pre journey.
TransAlp Trip:Canadian Style
by Dave Pearce, tour started July 2013, submitted 20 November 2013

This trans alp cycling trip is our 5th in Europe and it is not too much different from the others except being twice as long.We are an older couple who doesn't mind a little bit of hard mountain touring with all of our gear and being sort of self sufficient as this is what we do when on long trips in Canada, canoeing, backpacking, cycle touring, when there are few facilities. All of our stays were in campsites except at the end and 98% of our meals were prepared or cooked. We usually do not rely on buses or trains and except for 150km, we carried all our gear.This was a 3800KM, 36,000m, 60 day trip that was even more spectacular than our other journeys.

The Alps are so grand and the infrastructure so good that cycle touring around and over the mountains is a lot of fun. Hope that readers can get a lot of good information from this trip report as we have received so much advice from the Trento Bike Pages in the past.

Dave and Pat Pearce

Pat looking over at the Grimselpass from the Furka
Munich to Venice
by David Cain, tour started August 2011, submitted 3 March 2013
Europe: Germany, Austria, Italy

A month of biking took us from Munich to Venice over the Alps. We did not bike up the Alps. Check the site to find out how we did get up. We went up the Inn river from Rosenheim through Innsbruck to Landeck. Once over the Alps through the Reschen Pass, we followed a beautifil Adige (Etsch in German) river. The Adige flows through Bolzano, Trento to Verona. Along the Po river it was a zig zag route to Venice.

Biking down the Adige River
Berlino - Dresda
by Stefano Cieno, tour started August 2012, submitted 17 February 2013
Europe: Germany
language: it

A due passi dalla modernissima stazione centrale dei treni, un giovane ciclonoleggiatore, vestito come un artigiano d'altri tempi, ci prepara delle ottime city bike equipaggiate (incredibile) con borse Ortlieb a sgancio rapido ....

A few steps from the modern railway station, a young renter of bicycle, dressed as a craftsman of the past, prepared for us some great city bike equipped (surprise) with bags Ortlieb quick release....

See all 4 reports by Stefano Cieno

A mountain pass safari in the western alps
by Michael Fiebach, tour started May 2012, submitted 30 December 2012
Europe: France, Italy, Germany
language: en, de

This last spring and summer I was lucky enough to explore one of the world's most popular bicycle climbing areas in the world: the western alps. So I took lots of notes,and many pictures of my bike rides over more than 50 passes and summits.

Some of my favorite memories are these crossings: Col et Tunnel de Parpaillon , Col de la Croix de Fere , Col de la Cayolle

But summits do not have to be that high to impress with their beauty: For example the D32 summit in Utelle, or a ride over Col d'Eze or Colle Langan on the glitzy Cote d'Azure.

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southern approach to Col du Glandon and Col de la Croix de Fere from summit of Glandon
Il tour delle tre frontiere
by Leo & Kekko, tour started June 2011, submitted 26 December 2012
language: it, fr, en

[DOC] Ancora Francia, eh sì ci troviamo proprio bene ma quest'anno allarghiamo un po' il giro sconfinando nella vicina Germania per rientrare in Francia per poi nuovamente passare in Germania fino a raggiungere il punto dove si incontrano le tre frontiere di Francia, Germania, Lussemburgo cioè Schengen.

See all 4 reports by Leo & Kekko

La rente du bois
by Terje Melheim, tour started July 2011, submitted 1 December 2012
Europe: Germany
language: de

In Hameln wünschten uns die Freunde eine schöne und interessante Fahrradtour an den vier Flüssen Weser, Werra, Itz und Main.

See all 10 reports by Terje Melheim

by Fernando Da Re, tour started August 2012, submitted 29 November 2012
Europe: Germany
language: it

A Lubecca, alle biciclette vogliono un gran bene. Quei pali zincati sui quali le biciclette vengono legate, diventano strumenti per dimostrare il loro attaccamento.

Rivestiti di cotone e lana lavorata ad uncinetto, traforata o a patchwork, ne fanno un elemento colorato che non crea alcun danno al telaio della bicicletta sui quali viene legata.

In Lübeck, People love bicycles too much. Those galvanized poles on which bicycles are tied, they become tools to demonstrate their attachment. Covered in cotton wool and crochet, patchwork or perforated, make it a colored element that does not create any damage to the bicycle frame on which it is linked.

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Hamburg and vicinity tour - November 2012
by Iris Mueck, tour started November 2012, submitted 23 November 2012
Europe: Germany

I tried to avoid to fall into an early Winter sleep... Tried to keep my tired bones fit. As I have been in an refreshment email contact with a biker couple, living nearby Hamburg, we have quickly made a plan to meet and cycle around. I have been knowing Hamburg from the past, but Hamburg today, is even more bigger, more modern (more expensive...).

What impressed my most, beside the friendly attitude of Hamburgers citizens, was the wide variety of music shops. We had the chance to participate a 'concert' in one of Hamburgs music pubs, the 'Knust', whereas we have seen on stage Ryan Bingham and Valerie in the pre-program... Just wonderful!

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Jork - schönes Altes Land
Isola di Sylt, Husum, Busum
by Fernando Da Re, tour started June 2012, submitted 22 November 2012
Europe: Germany

In quei 17 km sopra l'isola ho ascoltato i versi della natura di Sylt. Un po' brughiera, un po' erica, un po' vento, un po' uccello, un po' innamorato, un po' poeta, mettevo alla prova i miei sensi.

In those 17 km above the island I heard the verses of the nature of Sylt. A bit heath, a little heather, a little wind, a little bird, a little loveer, a little poet, put to the test my senses.

Mit dem Fahrrad durch den Koog
Es ist fast wie ein Sog
Blumen, Ferlder, der Deich.
Die Sonne lacth mir entegegen
aber auch bei Regen
liebe ich dieses stille Reich.
Gedankenreise, di Waltraud Hansen

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Repubblica Ceca
by Beatrice Virga, tour started August 2012, submitted 18 October 2012
language: it

Pur essendo in una zona ricca e turistica tra boschi e montagne, noto la differenza dall'Austria e la Germania. Incrocio numerose macchine con canoe e bici sul tetto, così mi accorgo di essere entrata nel fine settimana. Arrivo nel paese-gioiello, meta principale del mio viaggio, Cesky Krumlov. Sono anni che voglio visitarlo.

Despite being in an area rich in tourist and among forests and mountains, known the difference from Austria and Germany. Crossing numerous machines with canoes and bikes on the roof, so I realize I have entered over the weekend. Arrival in the country-jewel, the main goal of my trip, Cesky Krumlov. For years, I want to visit.

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Alti Tauri-Tauernweg
by Beatrice Virga, tour started July 2012, submitted 2 October 2012
Europe: Austria, Greece, Germany
language: it

Da Verona a Nurnberg attraverso gli Alti Tauri e la Repubblica Ceca

"Ogni giorno racconto la favola mia, la racconto ogni giorno a chiunque tu sia." (Renato Zero) E' piacevole canticchiare durante le lunghe pedalate in solitaria. La mia favola ha inizio... Lascio la calda ed afosa Verona con un treno regionale sporco e scomodo per raggiungere Fortezza e prendere il trenino trentino pulito e comodo con destinazione S. Candido. Intorno alle ore 12,00 m'impedalo in direzione Matrei. Da qui in poi ci sarà sempre la temperatura fresca.

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Elbe bicycle tour 2012 - section Hamburg to Dresden
by Iris Mueck, tour started September 2012, submitted 30 September 2012
Europe: Germany

The river Elbe bicycle trail tour is about 561 kilometers from Hamburg to Dresden (including a lot of search, trial and error... and dead end escapes...). The Elbe bike trail exists, but it is not made for miles eater riders, like me..., on a race bike. The trail is for bicyclists, who travel on a trekking bike, which is made for bumpy roads, gravel and dirt...; moreover for travelers who does 30 kilometers a day, stopping on each sign and picture buildings and landscape all over, and have many stops on coffee shops on the way.... What I did, is somehow wrong, and it does not really reflect the beauty of the entire trail. Therefore, I ended up on several dead ends in gravel and dirt, what makes me ride more or less on side roads. [...] If one is a good navigator (with a nose of intuition) and a little GPS navigator, those wouldn't have to much trouble. Enjoy the report and the pictures! Good luck to our followers!

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Elbe bridge and sign
Amsterdam - München
by Janos Kertesz, tour started July 2012, submitted 16 September 2012
Europe: Holland, Germany
language: de

Wir sind mit dem Zug nach Amsterdam gefahren, und von dort durch Den Haag, Uttrecht, Münster, und Kassel zurück nach München geradelt

See all 18 reports by Janos Kertesz

Deutschland Rundfahrt 2011
by Janos Kertesz, tour started May 2011, submitted 16 September 2012
language: de

Wir sind mit unseren nachgerüsteten Fahrrädern (e-Motor von BionX) von München nach Kassel, Bremen, Lübeck, Stralsund, Usedom, Frankfurt an der Oder, Dresden, Prag und zurück nach München geradelt (etwa 2700 km)

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Cicloturismo in Danimarca Jutland in libertà - prima parte
by Fernando Da Re, tour started June 2012, submitted 15 September 2012
Europe: Denmark, Germany
language: it

Descrizione percorso 800 km. in bicicletta da Goteborg a Lubecca

Le case apparivano irreali in quella luce forte e sembravano avvolte in un silenzio che il chiasso e il rumore dei veicoli potevano a stento turbare". Fu solo per pochi istanti che il porto di Skagen ci mostrò le sue luci e le sue ombre, perché il sole si addormentò dietro una grigia coltre di nubi e, in fretta, fresche gocce ci convinsero ad affrettare i nostri passi e spegnere definitivamente le fotocamere golose di tramonti.

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Svizzera, Austria e Germania 2012 (lago di Costanza)
by Davide Tambuchi, tour started August 2012, submitted 1 September 2012
language: it

Here you can see a tour around the Bodensee. A very hot temperatures, so I have had a lot of fun in the wonderful water of this lake!

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For the joy of my feet!
The Amsterdam-Munich Express
by Suzanne Gibson, tour started July 2012, submitted 20 August 2012
Europe: Holland, Germany

This year's summer tour started in Amsterdam. After visiting Haarlem und then Leiden, we continued on to Den Haag, Utrecht and Arnhem. We visited the Veluwe National Park, crossed the border at Bocholt and rode on to Münster and then Kassel for this year's Documenta. We then followed the Fulda, Sinn , Main and Altmühl river valleys - all separated by hills that had to be crossed. When we reached the Danube, we felt we were almost home and it was smooth sailing to Munich.

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Entlang Flüssen in Süddeutschland
by José Rössner, tour started June 2012, submitted 18 July 2012
Europe, : Germany
language: de

A bike ride along rivers in southern Germany. Neckar, Rhine, Main, Tauber and Danube. Starting from Donaueschingen or rather Schwenningen.

See all 29 reports by José Rössner

Parking lot in front of a kindergarten along the river Main
Greedy Euro Bike Tour
by Marco Bacchin , tour started 2012, submitted 9 March 2012
language: en, it

Da lì a là is an Italian expression meaning roughly hither and thither, and this summarize my will, my restless temper of changing place every so often. I'm biking around Europe stopping from time to time when my attention is captured by an outstanding recipe a traditional food or a weird one. Pedalling alone is just fine, but together with other cyclists, especially from the country I'll be riding at the moment is just fantastic: less fatigue, more fun. You can get a look at the Euro-Tour map to get a gist of what'll be the route I'll follow in this year. If you're biking in the some zone, or nearby or you're going to start something similar and you'll like to have a ride together, let me know. Get in touch! Sys

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