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Reports by Torsten Lif

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Tour de Suisse
by Torsten Lif, tour started 1994

When Richard Freytag and I started planning this year's recumbent tour, the somewhat obnoxious idea of touring Switzerland on the outside came up. We liked it, although it was soon clear that we would not manage the complete round in the time we had on our hands so we decided to go for a semi-circle and save the rest for later. After contacting Andreas Fuchs (from the HPV mailing list) in Bern for help with some practical details, it was decided that we would start in Bern and thus get a couple of days of riding in Switzerland before entering France.

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Tour des Fjordes
by Torsten Lif, tour started May 1993

A recumbent ride from Bergen (Norway) to Motala (Sweden) with Richard Freytag, Charles Clinton and Ian Feldman.

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A Cheater's cycling holiday in Switzerland
by Torsten Lif, tour started July 1989

First I took the train back to Andermatt, then west to Oberwald where I got off and started climbing up the mountains. I rode parallel to the old abandoned railway (the new stretch runs in a long tunnel under the mountain) up to Gletsch. It felt very unreal to think that I'd ridden a train on that very track in 1981, shortly before the tunnel was opened. Now the rails were all rusty and rocks had fallen onto the railbed in several places. I saw that there's work going on to re-open the Furkapass-bahn. I hope they succeed!

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