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Norway (all)

This page lists all reports that for Norway including those that involve other countries too.
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All descriptions are in English, unless otherwise noted.


Training Presence at Nordkapp
by Igor Kovse, tour started August 2018, submitted 23 January 2020
Europe: Norway

On the sea shore I found a middle sized fresh fish which I cut to pieces and eat raw as a sushi. The fish was a remarkable catch, like the one in Hemingway?s ?Old man and the sea?. The fish was a part of my scavenging routine. It started with a half of the sandwich which I found in the garbage box at the airport of Tromsø continued with a piece of cheese found near the toilet in one roadside rest-area. If I'd taken scavenging seriously, it could fulfill all my caloric needs.

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by Steve Hall, tour started June 2014, submitted 12 March 2014
Europe: Norway
language: en, no

Norway 2014
The Shirt project wheels along! The next stage in the Journey is announced! On June 14 I shall set out from Kirkenes on the Russian border. This is probably the toughest challenge to date as we are not talking the flatlands of the Netherlands or the East of England. No, I shall face the mountains and valleys of the west coast of Norway. The backbone of the journey will be a visit to all the clubs in the top three divisions of Norwegian football. The journey will take me from down from Kirkenes to Bodø (the most northerly of the Tippeligaen clubs to Trondheim (RBK), Molde, Aalesund, Sogndal, Brann, Haugesund, Stavanger on to Kristiansand, Skien and then 1000 km loop inland before finishing with the clubs in the Oslo area. A journey of some 5000 km. Hopefully, I will finish at City Hall, Oslo in one piece on or before the 31st August. This trip is NOT for the faint-hearted!

Why Norway?
In the 1840s, Ivar Aasen from Ørsta, Sunnmøre travelled the length and breadth of Norway to collate the dialects and language usage of the country. He wanted to hear and annotate the language so that he could create a standarised pan-Norwegian language. This he realised was very different from the "official" Danish language spoken at that time.

Yes, I will also travel the length and breadth of Norway to find out what Norway is REALLY like in the early 21st century. This may or not be very different from the "official" view.

The Shirt in 2011 after Bjørn had cycled the length of Norway!
Radtour von Mora nach Nautesund
by Karl Brodowsky, tour started July 2011, submitted 24 December 2013
Europe: Sweden, Norway
language: de

Tandem and solo bicycle tour with three, later four participants from Oslo in Norway to Mora in Sweden and then all over the Scandinavian mountains to the Norwegian fjord coast.

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Old Tjikko, the oldest tree in the world, seen during this tour
Eurovelo 13 - Iron Curtain Trail
by Redazione, tour started September 2013, submitted 19 September 2013
language: it

Lo scopo della Iron Curtain Trail, che è ancora in fase di sviluppo, è di trasferire anche l'idea di Storia sperimentandola pure a livello europeo. Questo percorso di 6800 km guida icicloturisti e i cicloviaggiatori dal mare Barents nel confine russo-norvegese al Mar Nero, lungo quella che era la cortina di ferro, che adesso non è più che una linea di demarcazione, semplicemente un simbolo di una condivisa, esperienza pan-europea in un'Europa riunificata. (Michael Kramer)

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Nordnorwegen: Finnmark, Lofoten & Vesterålen
by Karl Brodowsky, tour started July 2012, submitted 22 April 2013
language: de

Nine week bicycle tour tour with different travel plans for all 6 participants: Finland - Kirkenes - North Cape - Tromsø - Lofoten - Tromsø - Bodø - Östersund - Mora - Oslo

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North Cape Glob
Cicloturismo in Norvegia-arrivo a Bergen
by Marco Parrini, tour started August 2011, submitted 27 May 2012
Europe: Norway
language: it

L'arrivo in bicicletta a Bergen. Ultima parte del viaggio in Norway. Una descrizione ricca di sensazioni e poesia.
Quando un viaggio volge al termine
Comincia il tempo dei ricordi
E quando sfumano e si perdono
tempo di ripartire

The travel diary of arrival in Bergen told with feeling and poetry.
When a journey comes to an end
Start time of memories
And when they fade and disappear
It is time to leave again.

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Cicloturismo in Norvegia
by Marco Parrini, tour started August 2012, submitted 9 May 2012
Europe: Norway
language: it

Cicloturismo in Norvegia, seconda parte - Rallarvegen.

Dagali - Haugastol: 50 km circa. Nonostante viaggi solo, mi rendo conto di trovarmi a mio agio. Il territorio è vasto e la percezione dello spazio è difficile da avere: oltre il panorama all'orizzonte, ancora paesaggio, che anch'esso finisce in un altro. Cosi via fino a darmi la sensazione di infinito. segue...

Cycle Tourism in Norway, Part II - Rallarvegen

Dagali - Haugastol: 50 km. Despite traveling alone, I am aware of being at ease. The territory is vast and the perception of space is hard to achieve: the view over the horizon, even the landscape, which also ends in another. So on up to give me the feeling of infinity......

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Cicloturismo in Norvegia
by Marco Parrini, tour started August 2011, submitted 13 April 2012
Europe: Norway
language: it

Cicloturismo in Norvegia: "quando la strada si fa dura i pensieri diventano poesia"

Il mio viaggio in Norvegia è iniziato quando lo pensai un pomeriggio. Comodamente seduto in auto con degli amici incrociammo due ciclisti bardati di tutto punto con bagagli al seguito che stavano affrontando una impegnativa salita. Avevamo già vissuto la severità di quei luoghi e promisi a me stesso di rifarlo sulle due ruote. Il fascino di dura conquista che trasmettevano quei due impavidi, mi scosse. Lasciati condurre....

A journey begins when you begin to think and ends when you stop to remember. My trip to Norway began when I thought of an afternoon. Comfortably seated in the car with some friends we passed two cyclists decked with luggage in tow who were facing a challenging climb. We had already experienced the severity of those places and I promised myself to do it again on two wheels. The charm of those two tough wins that played fearless, shook me.

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Greedy Euro Bike Tour
by Marco Bacchin , tour started 2012, submitted 9 March 2012
language: en, it

Da lì a là is an Italian expression meaning roughly hither and thither, and this summarize my will, my restless temper of changing place every so often. I'm biking around Europe stopping from time to time when my attention is captured by an outstanding recipe a traditional food or a weird one. Pedalling alone is just fine, but together with other cyclists, especially from the country I'll be riding at the moment is just fantastic: less fatigue, more fun. You can get a look at the Euro-Tour map to get a gist of what'll be the route I'll follow in this year. If you're biking in the some zone, or nearby or you're going to start something similar and you'll like to have a ride together, let me know. Get in touch! Sys

Norwegian Cycle Adventure - Bergen-Trondheim
by Terje Melheim, tour started August 2010, submitted 25 December 2011
Europe: Norway

I started this cycle tour by going by vintage vessel up the coast from Bergen. From Florø I went by bicycle along fjords, passed glaciers and crossed mountains. At one place, because the road hadn't been built through, I had to push by bicycle through the terrain for 10 kilometres in order to reach the town of Trondheim.

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Short tour of Jotunheim Norway
by Richard Evans, tour started July 2011, submitted 4 December 2011
Europe: Norway

I undertook a short tour in Norway in the summer of 2011, beginning in Lillehammer. The page describes the four days of touring, providing maps and photographs of the area. Riding in the Jotunheimen mountain range was particularly spectacular. For those interested in great climbs which are a bit off the beaten track, this is an excellent choice. I've also provided some information on getting around and the hotels and restaurants I used. I would highly recommend the trip, although I may have felt differently had it rained

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The Sognefjell Road
Trondheim - Oslo (mehrtägig)
by Karl Brodowsky, tour started July 2007, submitted 6 November 2011
Europe: Norway, Sweden
language: de

Fahrradtour durch Norwegen und Schweden von Trondheim nach Oslo 2007-07-18 - 2007-08-06

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Von Årnes nach Trondheim
by Karl Brodowsky, tour started July 2008, submitted 6 November 2011
Europe: Norway, Sweden
language: de

Fahrradtour durch Norwegen und Schweden von Årnes bei Oslo nach Trondheim 2008-07-12 - 2008-08-10

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Durch Sahara und Regenwald: Von Bodø nach Bergen
by Karl Brodowsky, tour started July 2009, submitted 6 November 2011
Europe: Norway
language: de

Fahrradtour entlang der norwegischen Küste und durch das Fjordland von Bodø nach Bergen

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Svartisen-Gletscher reicht fast bis zum Fjord
Tour de Scandinavia
by Walter Hoogerbeets, tour started August 2010, submitted 5 November 2011
language: en, nl

At the border between Norway and Russia is a hamlet called Grense Jakobselv. In the late summer and early autumn of 2010 I rode to this place, and back again. All around the Scandinavian Peninsula, in some 6 1/2 weeks.

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Along the coast of the Finnmark.
Part 3: From Trondheim to Larvik. National Cycle Route 9 and the NSCR.
by Stan Williams, tour started August 2008, submitted 10 February 2011
Europe: Norway

Excerpt from Day 25: Græsli to Røroswildlife.

We noticed some curious things about reindeer. Firstly although there was nothing to stop the reindeer from walking off the road and onto the tundra it chose to stay on the road. As it moved along the road its legs looked like (Damae's term) egg beaters all flailing in different directions. It looked like an unfeasibly ungainly animal that was testing the limits of Darwin's theory. However, even more suprisingly, once it finally found its way to the rough undulating tundra it moved with astonishing ease and grace. The head and body just seemed to glide across the landscape on top of those big hooves.

National Cycle Route 9 was an unknown quantity for us in 2008. There were no travelogues to be found of the whole route, nor any guide books. Armed with some home made maps we set off, boldly, from Trondheim. It was another route of contrasts, from the majestic to the banal with some surprises along the way, including a long ferry down Lake Femund.

The travelogue contains the story of each day's cycle with pictures and videos, a gallery, route and map information and trip statistics.

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Day 25: Langen: looking across Lake Femund towards Grâvola.
Part 2: From Florø to Trondheim - National Cycle Route 1
by Stan Williams, tour started August 2008, submitted 10 February 2011
Europe: Norway

Excerpt from Day 12: Florø to Barmen - getting going

All was quiet when we awoke. There was no sign of the Polish tradesmen nor their vans and we hadn't heard them leave. The sun was shining and the tent covered in dew. It was going to be another lovely day. It was also just a little exciting to be back to the coast of Norway and a part of it we'd not been to yet. We realised too that now we were following the coast our rate of progress would be determined not just by how much energy we had. For instead of following river valleys we were now cutting across the ends of fjords and hopping from island to peninsula and back which meant we would be at the mercy of ferry timetables.

The coast route, part of which forms the NSCR in Southern Norway, carries on past Bergen. We chose to follow it up to Trondheim and were treated each day to beautiful scenery, skies and some special places. Not to mention some challenging cycling.

The travelogue contains the story of each day's cycle with pictures and videos, a gallery, route and map information and trip statistics.

See all 8 reports by Stan Williams

Day 18: Wild camping on Ona. Sunset over the North Sea.
Part 1: From Kristiansand to Florø - National Cycle Route 3
by Stan Williams, tour started July 2008, submitted 10 February 2011
Europe: Norway

Excerpt from Day 5: Haukeli to Røldal - going over Vågslid tunnel.

Looking at the old road we briefly entertained the idea of staying on the main road and cycling through the tunnel. The old road in contrast climbed sharply so it was tempting to take the main road. However we were following the route 3 so it was now time for a real challenge.

After packing in and gathering our energies that is exactly what we got. The further we climbed the more our muscles protested, our heart rates soared and the sound of the main road waned until it was no longer to be heard. It was the challenge of being a cyclist once more, alone in a landscape just you and the hill: the sound of your breath, the wind and the noise of the bike underneath you.

National Cycle Route 3 is a challenging and rewarding route, with several major climbs and varied landscape. We followed it to Førde where we headed out to Florø on the coast to start part two of the trip.

The travelogue contains the story of each day's cycle with pictures, a gallery, route and map information and trip statistics.

See all 8 reports by Stan Williams

Day 10: Veltefjorden on the way to the climb over Gaularfjellet pass.
Norway 2010
by Nicolas de Hemptinne, tour started July 2010, submitted 27 January 2011
Europe: Norway
language: fr

I wanted to see the midnight sun... and I saw it :-)

Without forgetting some fantastic landscapes, exhausting roads... and a little rain :-(

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On the road to the Geiranger fjord (RV63)...
Around the Pond: 5000km on the North Sea Cycle Route on a Recumbent
by Thomas Stets, tour started June 2008, submitted 11 January 2011

In 2008 I spend 3 months cycling the North Sea Cycle Route on a recumbent bike through Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Scotland and the Netherlands.

This is a day-by-day travelogue, with zoomable maps.

North Sea Cycle Route sign in Denmark
My Styrkeproven
by Iris Mueck, tour started June 2000, submitted 9 September 2010
Europe: Norway

Well, I have participated this tour 4 times. [...] It is partly a race. The Norwegian teams are very strong. They do the distance of 540 kilometers in less than 14 hours, which results in an average of round 40 kilometers/hr.

There is a rather 'high' mountain to climb. The Dovrefjell mountain is only round 1.000 meters high. But remember: you start at sea level. And as all the little rivers cross the climb, you got the feeling you do this mountain three times... There is only one receipt to finish the tour: ride your own speed! Feel well. Do not burn out in strong groups. Lillehammer is key station. Only 180 kilometers left to head for Oslo. [...]

Keep in mind: the big teams ride in groups and do not like others to take advantage of the group. I learned quickly, as one of a group rider pushed me out of road. My warning 'if you do it again...', was not heard. He repeated: 'if you quarrel, we are forty, if like to can discuss it with all our tour guys...'. No way! Stay out of teams!

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To the North Cape
by Walter Hoogerbeets, tour started May 2009, submitted 2 December 2009
language: en, nl

There was a moment when an idea popped up in my head: I should go to the North Cape. Or actually, I acquired the strong inner conviction that I had to go to the North Cape. I could hardly think of something else.

So in spring of 2009 I left my house in Holland, followed the coasts of North sea, Wadden sea and Norwegian sea until that magical northernmost point.

4625 km through amazing landscapes with extreme variation: from the flat countries where it is sometimes hard to tell where land ends and sea begins, to the fjords where granite rises vertically out of the water.

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Climbing out of Valldalen to Trollstigen
Cycling Gypsies: A Bicycle Odyssey with Dogs
by Fin & Zoa, tour started July 2008, submitted 14 November 2009

We don't just have our house on our bikes, we also have our two dogs, Jack and Paco, along for the ride. That's 60kg of furry luggage and another 50-60kg of non-furry luggage between the two of us! Needless to say we don't go fast but we do go everywhere, refusing to let our extra load stop us from tackling hills with grades of up to 18%. We have been on the road with our two dogs since July 2008. So far we have covered 17,000 kms and 18 countries in continental Europe.

Island Hopping in Arctic Norway
Travel By Bike - Fietsen over Europa's mooiste wegen
by Koen Beliën, submitted 14 September 2009
language: nl

Travel By Bike is a website about a group of enthusiastic bikers with more than 10 years of travel experience. From Belgium through The Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom. Do not forget look at to the page 'pregnant on bike', reading our travel stories and watching the beautiful pictures!

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Logo Travel By Bike
europa tour
by Claudia and Thomas, tour started April 2008, submitted 10 December 2008
language: en, fr est le site de l'association ``Vélo pour nous, vélo pour vous'', qui à pour but de promouvoir la pratique du vélo.

Entre autres, il raconte les voyages en vélo de ses adhèrents, et pas seulement...

Une grande partie est dédié au voyage de Claudia et Thomas autour d'Europe. Leur but est de faire un inventaire de la culture du vélo en Europe. Des jolis photos et un impressionant carnet de bord vous attend à les découvrir...

North-Cape to Zurich
by José Rössner, tour started June 2008, submitted 15 October 2008
language: en, de, nl

From June 16 to August 1 2008, I cycled from Alta to the North-Cape, there I started a 7-week trip through Finland Sweden Denmark Germany Netherlands Belgium and France back to Switzerland.

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fortunately, these aren't bulls
Sweden: the Ginstleden and Swedish NSCR routes. Norway: Rallarvegen, Sognefjorden area, Vikøyri Voss.
by Stan Williams, tour started August 2008, submitted 11 October 2008

Day 3 Vilshäred to Kärradal

The day started early. Although the campsite itself was quiet, the road next to it had a surprising amount of traffic. Added to this there was someone racing around in the middle of the night on a moped without a silencer.

At around seven our neighbours decided to start rooting around their car for something vitally important ('oh my God where is my Thermarest inflatable dialysis machine I need it right now' or something similarly life threatening) and by quarter past, it was clear neither of us was going to get any more sleep.

'Oh well' we thought, 'there is always a shower to look forward to'.....Which in retrospect was another of those things you shouldn't say on cycling holidays. For Vilshäred campsite introduced us to peaceful and neutral Sweden's secret weapon: a variation of Chinese water torture known as 'the one kroner shower'.

It was an unforgettable tour of contrasts: from the baking sun in Sweden to the rain and floods in Norway. The gorgeous Swedish coast versus the majesty of the Norwegian fjords and glaciers.

The travelogue contains pictures, videos and trip statistics per day plus some things we have learned from this tour.

See all 8 reports by Stan Williams

Upper picture: Norway leaving Fjærlandsfjorden.Lower picture: Sweden approaching Varberg.
Sophos tour around the world
by Romain POISSON, tour started June 2008, submitted 27 September 2008
language: en, fr

Vagabondages autour du monde d'un apprenti voyageur.

Un ou deux ans de voyage au programme pour découvrir l'Europe du Nord, l'Asie et l'Afrique du Nord différemment.

Prochaine étape : la traversée de la Russie en hiver

Vagrancy around the world by a apprentice traveller.

One or two years to discover in a different way north Europe, Asia and north Africa.

Next step : from St Petersburg to Vladivostok during winter time

Shot in the Lofoten Islands (Norway) while i was waiting for a very small ferry (2 passengers) - I stayed over there for 24 hours :)
A three month solo tour in Norway and Sweden, starting in Bergen and riding up towards the North Cape and beyond.
by Jerry Webb, tour started June 2008, submitted 28 May 2008
Europe: Norway, Norway, Sweden

This is the story of a three-month solo cycle ride around Norway, starting in Bergen, and exploring the Nordland, Troms, and Finnmark counties and a bit of Sweden. The scenic Atlanterhavsvegen (voted one of the world's best road trips) is also described.

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Near Stamsund, Lofoten Islands
Nordkapp-Lignano Sabbiadoro
by, tour started August 2008, submitted 20 March 2008
language: en, it, de

Hi everybody, we are 8 students of Udine's University and we will across Europe with a bikecycle. We will start on 08 of August from Nordkapp and after 24 days we will arrive in Lignano Sabbiadoro. We will link the north pole with the Adriatic Sea. Our project is with the Sponsorship of our University. We will meet a lot of students about the University that we will find along our tour. So for more information you can ask at info [at] noborderbiking [dot] com and visit our website .
[Email address obscured to fool spam trawlers. Ed.]

first bike training on Pagnacco (Udine) Italy
Cycling the length of Norway, from Nordkapp to Skjernøy
by Brian Fish and Karen Strojek, tour started June 2007, submitted 31 October 2007
Europe: Norway

We enjoyed our first tour of Norway in the fjords, so two years later we went back to see more. For many bicycle tourists Nordkapp, the northernmost road in Europe, is the final destination but because we had limited time we decided to start from Nordkapp and head south. We cycled through Lofoten, along the Coast Route, then through the fjords to finish at Skjernøy, close to the southernmost point of Norway.

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A sunny afternoon in Lofoten
Scandinavia (Nordkapp to Copenhagen)
by Mark Fenwick, tour started June 2005, submitted 9 September 2007

The original plan was to cover Scandinavia from Nordkapp to Copenhagen with a long stretch along Sweden's east coast. However, safety concerns resulted in a hastily arranged detour along Finland's west coast.

My memory will be mainly of glorious sunshine and, another pleasant surprise, the wind blowing North to South for a good few days when I needed it (as evidenced by the grim determination on the faces of the cyclists heading the other way.)

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Cycling the NSCR in Denmark and the Rallarvegen and Numedalsruta in Norway
by Stan Williams, tour started July 2006, submitted 8 July 2007
Europe: Denmark, Norway

Epilogue. ``Why have we come all this way to go cycling in Holland''.

Last year we wondered if we should have done the NSCR in Norway last, after doing all the other sections, seeing the spectacular range of countryside and the beauty of it all. This year's trip has sort of confirmed that we might have been right. That is not to say that there is no beauty in the Danish landscape. There is, and in our opinion the loveliest sections of the Danish NSCR were in the Northern part of the Jutland. As for the rest of the route there were gems to be found every now and again, which made it worth doing.........

.............However when you compare the Danish section of the NSCR to Norway, say the NSCR, Rallarvegen or Numedalsruta, the Danish NSCR falls short in sheer WOW! factor. The Rallarvegen in particular has fantastic scenery and it a great challenge. It is also amusing to be cycling at an altitude higher than the highest point in the UK. The Numedal, although it changes considerably from the higher reaches down to Larvik, is just gorgeous and treasures such as the stave churches complement the beautiful scenery.

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Heading towards Upsete railway station.
Cycling the North Sea Cycle Route in Norway
by Stan Williams, tour started August 2005, submitted 3 July 2007
Europe: Norway, Sweden


Indelible impressions.

The final irritation on arrival in Schiphol did not diminish the wonderful memories we have of the tour and of Norway. The amazing light and vivid colours of sky and sea, the torrential summer downpours, still stay with me to this day. Not forgetting the range of roads and routes and landscape. I still have flashbacks of places that I did not photograph and have no idea where they were on the route.

We wonder if we should have done the NSCR in Norway last, seeing the spectacular range of countryside and the beauty of it all. I suspect that everything else will be an anti-climax after this. Still we started here with the NSCR and we'd like to go back one day and do it again.

This was our first ever long cycle tour, (and my first attempt at a travelogue). The trip was a wonderful experience for the both of us, and got us hooked on cycle holidays. As well as the travelogue there are picture galleries of the trip, and some information about the bikes and gear we used, plus things we learned about cycling.

See all 8 reports by Stan Williams

Sunset over the campsite at Lunde (Farsund)
Cycling the Kystriksveien (RV17) From Steinkjer to Bodø
by Jerry Webb, tour started August 2006, submitted 25 June 2007
Europe: Norway

The Kystriksveien is a beautiful and unspoilt 670 km route along the RV17 coast road from Steinkjer in Trondelag to Bodø in Nordland, Northern Norway. We cycled along 450 km of the juicy bits (using ferries and a couple of buses for the rest) between 29 July and 13 August 2006. This travelogue describes the route we followed and the accommodation we found en route, with additional notes on web links and maps/guides for the journey. The Kystriksveien is known to just a few touring cyclists who appreciate how quiet and scenic it can be; it isn't a destination that sees a lot of cyclists, even during the high season between June and the second week of August.

See all 3 reports by Jerry Webb

Just outside Kolveried, 03-August-2006
Raoul to Civitanova marche (it) from Nordkapp (norge)
by geena, tour started May 2007, submitted 3 June 2007
language: it

At moment Raoul (who has left on 12 May from Civitanova Marche, Italy) on his bicycle is along the road to Kaamanen (Finland) where he is going to stay overnight. In the next two days he will reach Nordkapp!!!!! ;-))

Bicycle Journey South Norway 2004 - lykke til og god reise!
by Marco Voegeli, tour started June 2006, submitted 23 May 2007
Europe: Norway
language: en, de

A three week bicycle journey through the south of Norway in the year 2004. It was a round trip from Oslo - to Geilo - Flam - and back to Oslo. An amazing journey in a great Country. A detailed travelogue waits for you.

See all 4 reports by Marco Voegeli

our camp in norway
From Bergen to Bodø by Bicycle.
by Terje Melheim, tour started June 2006, submitted 5 January 2007
Europe: Norway

The cycle tour in 2006 we decided to make within Norway. We had in fact never been to the coastal areas between Trondheim and Bodø before. A lot has been done to promote cycling along this coast line, and the choice was not too difficult to make. The coast of Helgeland, as this area is called, is not as well known as Lofoten, that lies farther to the north, but we had already cycled in Lofoten, so this time we went for Helgeland.

See all 10 reports by Terje Melheim

Turid and Terje on the island of Vega
Viking Bike Tour 2006
by Andrea Abbà, tour started August 2006, submitted 14 November 2006
Europe: Norway
language: it

15 giorni per andare dal centro della selvaggia Norvegia alle isole Lofoten, lungo la mitica rv17 con le nostre mountain bike cariche all'estremo.

Un team per la prima volta formato da 6 persone, incontri e avventure tra traghetti e fiordi.

Immersi nella natura
Cycling from the North Cape to Oslo
by JW & Gu, tour started July 2005, submitted 8 October 2006
Europe: Norway
language: nl

During July and August 2005 we cycled through amazing Norway. Mountains, glaciers, fjords, forests, carribean-style beaches (with cold water :( ...), space and stillness. We cycled from the North Cape down to Oslo via the Lofoten, RV 17 Coastal Route, Trollstigen, Geiranger, RV 55 and Rallarvegen. A lot of pictures, tips and travel stories in Dutch (English translations will soon appear).

In juli en augustus 2005 fietsten we door fantastisch Noorwegen. Bergen, gletsjers, fjorden, bossen, bounty-eiland-strandje (met veel te koud water :( ...), rust en ruimte. We fietsten van de Noordkaap naar Oslo via de Lofoten, RV 17 Kustroute, Trollstigen, Geiranger, RV 55 en Rallervegen. Veel plezier!

See all 6 reports by JW & Gu

RV 55 : The Roof of Norway

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