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Africa (all)

This page lists all reports that for Africa including those that involve other countries too.
Click here for a list of reports that involve only Africa.
All descriptions are in English, unless otherwise noted.

Cycling info pages (continued)

World Bikes
by Daniel Sciboz, submitted 13 December 2006
Europe, Asia, America, Africa

This search engine helps to find information provided directly from about 490 bike manufacturers.

The Loaded Touring Bike - Homepage and Photo Gallery
by Ron Wheeler ''miles2go'', submitted 27 March 2006

A high quality photo gallery of over 350 loaded touring bicycles from around the world. A tribute to the loaded touring bike and the places the bikes take us. Expedition links and tourer profiles. Tailwinds!

One of the many touring bike photos in the gallery.
Rec.Travel Library: Egypt
Africa: Egypt
Africa by Bicycle Travel Guide
by The International Bicycle Fund

Myths and misinformation about Africa; shows how safe, serene, and welcoming the continent as a whole has been and will be to travelers and tourists, despite frequent misrepresentations in the news. Contains a comprehensive list of African countries.

48 Bicycle Advocacy Groups Around the World
by Ernst Poulsen

For all those going abroad - or searching for advocacy-advice from other countries - here is a list of the 48 most important bicycle groups around the world. These groups specialize not only in bicycle advocacy but also in tourism, consumer issues, hpv-matters, etc. The list includes e-mail and homepage addresses where I have been able to find them - and a word of introduction (explanation) about the nature of these groups.

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Rec.Travel Library: Morocco
Africa: Morocco
Tunisia: Bicycle Tour Travel Guide
by David Mozer
Africa: Tunisia

North Africa, the ``Maghreb'', invites a spirit of adventure. On the crossroads of early Western civilization, its citizens date their arrival back to the lost tribes of Israel and the Phoenician and Roman conquests. On an early morning stroll through one of the many ancient ruins, you almost see a chariot coming over the horizon. The region has the warm, bright and healthy climate common to the Mediterranean. The north is a tapestry of pristine whitewashed towns, beautiful beaches, the deep green Atlas mountains, extraordinary historical sites and rich agricultural valleys of sunflowers and olives.

Organizations and clubs

Worldly cycling video-forum
by Blanche, , submitted 22 February 2009
Europe, Asia, America, Africa

Travelling the world on a bicycle / Wereldfietser

Travelling the world on a bicycle / Wereldfietser on Vimeo is an video-forum for all of you who enjoy to travel on a bicycle. Fully packed with luggage. Get inspired and add your films!

Joining is easy:

  • go suscribe at vimeo
  • go suscribe at the Travelling the world on a bicycle group
  • Load your video
  • On your video-page, go to the right, Add, Choose the group
  • Done!


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Groopy - Word Wide Cycling Community
, submitted 25 July 2008
Europe, Asia, Africa, America

Hey guys,

Imagine a site that not only offers you the chance to join other local cyclists on bike trips but also the opportunity to bike the trails with other cyclers while you're out of town or even out of the country - all for free!

Expose yourself to new trails and enjoy a new cycling experience with friends around the world. So next time you pack your bags for a trip away from home, or even near by, don't forget to grab your bike and check out this world wide cycling community site.

Come and join for free.

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