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Greece (local)

This page lists all reports that for Greece only that do not involve other countries.
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All descriptions are in English, unless otherwise noted.


Tour of Western Crete
by Richard Evans, tour started June 2019, submitted 14 June 2019
Europe: Greece

This was a great trip. I often think that I might improve an itinerary if I were to travel to an area again but not on this occasion. The scenery was stunning, the roads very quiet and the places I stayed in all had good places to sleep and eat in. It might be that there is a narrow travel window, with the winter too harsh in the mountains and the summer too hot. If however you can travel at this time of year, it is a great cycling destination which other cyclists have yet to discover.

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Kourtaliotiko Gorge
Cefalonia: Sami, Fiskardo, Myrtos
by Fernando Da Re, tour started September 2012, submitted 12 November 2012
Europe: Greece
language: it

A Myrtos, sotto pochi ombrelloni di foglie di palma, milioni di ciottoli bianchi incorniciano la baia. I sassi (qui come altrove) raccontano la storia dell'arte: l'elemento principale della scultura è la bellezza del disegno perfettissimo (Canova). Cosa di più perfetto di questi semplici sassi? Essi contengono il segreto dell'ambiente e del tempo. Come in una scultura dove "la materia diventa ambiente, c'è nella pietra il peso della verità". (M. Noble)

A Myrtos under a few umbrellas made ​​of palm leaves, illions of white pebbles surround the bay. The stones (here as elsewhere) tell the history of art: the main element of the sculpture is the beauty of the most perfect design (Canova). What could be more perfect than these simple stones? They contain the secret of the environment and time. As a sculpture, "where the matter becomes environment, there is a stone weight of truth." (M. Noble)

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la baia di Myrtos
Peloponnes Tour 2012
by Iris Mueck, tour started April 2012, submitted 29 April 2012
Europe: Greece

Road bike Tour to the cradle of the Western culture. Bike Tour Peloponnese Tour 2012 (about 552 kilometers). Preface:

My former managing director, who is an awesome bicyclist today has planned this tour carefully. Our all aim: to ride to the cradle of the world culture. Furthermore, we had a good ghost with us: Oxi Quassel, who explained all the details of the archeological sites and museums. We have visited the archaeological sites & Museums of Athens, Delphi, Olympus, Mycenae, Epidaurus, Corinth & Aigina...; in the very last moment we hit the Greek National Museum at Athens... We spent a day of at the beautiful Island Hydra (no cars...!)

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Channel of Corinth
Cicloturismo Grecia
by cicloturismo - alessandro, tour started December 2010, submitted 22 July 2011
Europe: Greece
language: it

Greece bike tour in winter. 300 km from Igoumenitsa to Patrasso

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Radtour auf dem Peloponnes
by Hubert Becker, tour started April 2005, submitted 21 June 2011
Europe: Greece
language: de

Eine anspruchsvolle Radtour in 11 Tagesetappen über 962 km durch den Peloponnes, Tagesetappen zwischen 45 und 116 Kilometern.

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At the Langada Pass
Thessaloniki to Athens - September 2009
by Nick Taylor, tour started September 2009, submitted 25 September 2009
Europe: Greece

A six-day tour from Thessaloniki to Athens in Greece. 637km cycled, stopping in Thessaloniki, Katerini-Paralia, Larissa, Lamia, Delphi and Thiva.

The highlight was definitely the hills and archaeological sites around Delphi, but we loved dodging the wild dogs, chatting with priests and lapping up Greek Salad every day.

Greece doesn't seem used to recreational cyclists, but it offers many spectacular views and challenging hills, and we encountered a warm welcome and considerate driving everywhere (even in Athens!).

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by Olaf, tour started May 2007, submitted 19 October 2008
Europe: Greece
language: de

A relaxed trip on the Greek island named Rhodos.

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Five weeks in Greece - The Peloponnese Pinensula and Kreta
by Paul R. Hoffman, tour started May 2006, submitted 15 November 2007
Europe: Greece

This page describes the five week trip that my wife and I took across Greece in 2006. It was a wonderful journey with plenty of great food, drink, culture, and of course cycling. We did the trip completely unassisted and in fact we largely planned the trip on the fly. This was our first cycle tour, actually we had only just gotten into biking a few months before the trip so a lot of conditioning took place during the tour.

Enjoy the page and please feel free to contact me if you have questions.

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Athens to Bremen
by Michael Fiebach, submitted 15 February 2006
Europe: Greece

This tour includes scenic detours around Greek islands, the Peloponnese, and proceeds through Italy, Austria, and Germany."

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Cycling around Lake Kerkini, Northern Greece
by Bryan Hollamby, tour started May 1998, submitted 3 January 2006
Europe: Greece

Lake Kerkini is a wetlands wildfowl reserve in Northern Greece, with a large variety of bird and other animal life, as well as a virtually traffic-free dirt road for most of its circumference. Ideal for a day's cycletour and some birdwatching. This is a description of the area, with photos, and some hints on making the most of a trip there.

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Lake Kerkini in spring in Greece, near the Bulgarian border
Training Camp in the Greek spring
by Györgyi Gábor, tour started 2002
Europe: Greece

As the winner of an article-writing competition in the Hungarian Bringa magazine, I could spend 11 days together with the Hungarian MTB squad in a training camp 80 kms from Athens, between 12 and 26 march 2002. We were in the friendly Hotel Bakos, in Loutraki, situated 3kms from the Korinthos channel and the Peloponnesus peninsula and at the foot of a 1300m high mountain. Although on ascents I prefer cycling looking around, taking pictures and making videofilms than cycling in a hurried style. So I was the odd one out from 24-26 head team. My goal was not to spend a good 11 days training, but to make nice cycle tours, enjoy the nature of Greece and to discover the north-east Peloponnesos.

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Lake Voullaaagmeni
Peloponnese '99 - includes a map and photographs
by Stefano Lugli, tour started 1999
Europe: Greece
language: it

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Cycling in the lap of the Gods
by Paul Hellander, tour started April 1992
Europe: Greece

Greece is not the kind of place with which one would normally associate enjoyable cycling in Europe. It has high mountains, it can be very hot in Summer, it has drivers whose road sense can leave much to be desired and there is not very much written about cycling in Greece. Nonetheless, I have just come back from a 7 and a half month stay in that country, accompanied by my two bikes and I am pleased to say that cycling is alive and well in Greece - though not necessarily by the Greeks themselves.

The Bike Experience
Europe: Greece
language: en, nl

Three superb reports of cycling in Corfu, Rhodes and Kefalonia. Maps, and many beautiful pictures!

The bike-experience describes our experiences on our bicycle holidays. This way we want to promote short foreign bicycle holidays for the sporty biker. Using the routes, travel reports and practical information that you can find here, we lead you along the most beautiful places without losing sight of the relaxing aspect of a holiday.

You don't have to be an experienced road maniac and you don't even have to possess the necessary equipment to get to the finish of these trips, a sportive mind is sufficient. Bike-xp is constantly under development and over the next years we will expand our site with new discoveries.

Enjoying [in Rhodes]


Kreta Mountainbike-Tour
by Erik Sommeregger, tour started 1977
Europe: Greece
language: de

Diese einwöchige Tour - die wir zu viert unternommen haben - hat uns in jeder Hinsicht sehr gut gefallen, und die persönlichen Eindrücke über Strecken, Landschaft und einen einfach schönen Urlaub sollen auf dieser Seite wiedergegeben werden. Folgendes kann für eine Mountainbike Tour problematisch sein, worauf ich aufmerksam machen will. Nach dem Studium der zugänglichen Informationen über 'Biken' und 'Trekking' in Kreta waren wir für die Tourenplanung gewarnt. Es gibt viele auch auf den genauen Karten eingezeichnete Nebenstraßen, die nicht existieren, dafür gibt es neue nicht eingezeichnete Straßen. Wir haben festgestellt, daß alle in Mitteleuropa herausgegebenen Karten von ein und derselben ungenauen kretischen Karte abgezeichnet sind. So möchte ich unsere Erfahrungen über die gefahrenen Strecken weitergeben, vielleicht möchte sie jemand nützen.

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