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Poland (local)

This page lists all reports that for Poland only that do not involve other countries.
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Through Kashubia with Bikerafting on Lupawa river
by Richard Löwenherz, tour started September 2020, submitted 6 November 2020
Europe: Poland
language: de

In September 2020, I spontaneously crossed northern Poland in consistently late summer weather - two weeks in pure nature with a Bikerafting section on the wild river Lupawa. As a finale I went two days offroad directly along the mostly deserted beach of Baltic Sea...

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final offroad cycling on the beach of Baltic Sea
Baltic Sea, Pommern and Masuren July 2007
by José Rössner, tour started July 2007, submitted 4 September 2007
Europe: Poland
language: en, de, nl

We took the train ``City-Night-Line'' from Zurich (21.00h) to Berlin (10.00h. With some delay, ca.2 hours, due to railway personnel strikes, we arrived, alert in Berlin. In the sunshine we found the way out of the city at once. When we got to the border of Poland at Schwedt, it began to rain for two days with interruption. Fortunately we had tail wind until Masuren. We cycled via Stettin, the Baltic Sea coast along to Danzig, via Elblag and Olstyn to the Masuri sea-plateau until Gizycko. From there through central Poland via Bydgoszcz and Frankfurt/Oder back to Berlin. On the way back we fought against strong head wind. Because we cycled through so many forests, the heat (35ºC) in Masuren and wind on the way back, were not too big an obstacle.

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After the thunderstorm in Boryszyn
Unentdecktes Polen
by Hans Jürgen Stang, tour started March 2001
Europe: Poland
language: de

Kilometerlange, schnurgerade und von mächtigen Bäumen mit ihren Blätterdächern gesäumte Alleen, unbekannte Vogelstimmen, Storchen-geklapper, endlose Felder und dichte Wälder - wo gibt es das alles noch?
Zum Glück gibt es auch in Europa noch solche Gegenden, wie wir bei einer Radtour in Polen feststellen konnten. Das ehemalige Pommern (Pomorze) ist unser Ziel, genauer gesagt das pommersche Binnenland - wegen seiner 1800 Seen auch Pommersche Seenplatte genannt (Pojezierce Pomorskie). Charakteristisch für dieses Gebiet sind Moränenhügel, Rinnen- und Gletscherseen, ausgedehnte Waldgebiete und dünne Besiedlung.

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Fietsvakantie Polen
by Bas van Oudheusden, tour started July 1993
Europe: Poland
language: nl

An extremely well-organized and informative report, with historical notes, a bibliography, useful links, in one word, The Works!
Onze route voerde door de noordelijke helft van Polen, globaal: Poznan - Torun - Kazubie Gdansk - Mazurische meren - Bialystok - Warschau (1400 km in drie weken).

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Off - and On - Road in Polish Beskidy Mountains
by Milosz Wisniewski, tour started May 1996
Europe: Poland

This trip has actually started in ... a bookstore. The choice of Polish cycling - related literature is very poor, therefore about a year ago I was very happy to see [a book with trail descriptions in the Western Beskidy]. After reading some trails descriptions, backed by well - prepared maps, the idea was ready [...] Beskidy is the name for a few ranges of low - elevation mountains (or one can say - hills), generally covered by woods, located in southern Poland next to much better known Tatras and the borders with Czech and Slovakian Republics.

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Cycling info pages

Cycling in Poland
by, , submitted 15 April 2007
Europe: Poland

Have a look at this fantastic site and plan your first really exciting cycling holiday in amazing and surprising Poland. Here you will find practical information about roads, health and safety, money, threats and much more.

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