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Poland (all)

This page lists all reports that for Poland including those that involve other countries too.
Click here for a list of reports that involve only Poland.
All descriptions are in English, unless otherwise noted.


Through Kashubia with Bikerafting on Lupawa river
by Richard Löwenherz, tour started September 2020, submitted 6 November 2020
Europe: Poland
language: de

In September 2020, I spontaneously crossed northern Poland in consistently late summer weather - two weeks in pure nature with a Bikerafting section on the wild river Lupawa. As a finale I went two days offroad directly along the mostly deserted beach of Baltic Sea...

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final offroad cycling on the beach of Baltic Sea
In bicicletta da Klaipeda (Lituania) a Danzica (Polonia) attraverso Kaliningrad. Terza parteparte
by Fernando Da Re, tour started June 2019, submitted 2 December 2019
Europe: Russia, Poland
language: it

Essere di nuovo sul suolo europeo non fu un sollievo neppure una liberazione. Eravamo partiti per visitare questa parte di Russia e nonostante l’idea dei giorni precedenti che ci conduceva a pensare che il programma fosse stato al di sotto delle aspettative, stavamo maturando la sofferenza di aver terminato un programma piacevole, senza seccature fastidiose e con sufficienti particolari da ricordare.

In this last page we describe the itinerary through Frombork, and the arrival in Gdansk, a surprisingly beautiful city.

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meeting in Frombork
In bicicletta da Klaipeda (Lituania) a Danzica (Polonia) attraverso Kaliningrad. Seconda parte
by Fernando Da Re, tour started June 2019, submitted 5 October 2019
language: it

Continua il racconto di un viaggio fino all'arrivo alla capitale Kaliningrad, una vera sorpresa per i protagonisti e lo sarà per voi. Cosa vedere, dove dormire, casa e dove mangiare. Seguirà una galleria delle più belle immagini di Kaliningrad.

Continue the story of a journey to the capital Kaliningrad, a real surprise for the protagonists and it will be for you. What to see, where to sleep, home and where to eat. A gallery of the most beautiful images of Kaliningrad will follow.

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Yantarni, una ciclabile sul mare.
In bicicletta da Klaipeda (Lituania) a Danzica (Polonia) attraverso Kaliningrad. Prima parte
by Fernando Da Re, tour started June 2019, submitted 5 October 2019
language: it

Un viaggio che inizia a Klaipeda dove era terminato il precedente nei Paesi Baltici nel 2012. Attravera lo stato di Kaliningrad e raggiunge Danzica in Polonia. Questa è la prima parte con i consigli per l'organizzazione.

This journey begins in Klaipeda where the precedent in the Baltic States ended in 2012. It will cross the state of Kaliningrad and reach Gdansk in Poland. This is the first part with advice for the organization.

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Klaipeda, Lituania. Rent a bike.
Spain Japan Spain by bicycle.
by Jesus San Agustin., tour started April 2005, submitted 10 May 2014

This is a page about the solo trip began april 22th,2005 from Spain to Japan crossing Russia. Life is an experience that everyone filled with a content , " rempli d'un contenu " says in France. It was hard and authentic.The two words summarizing the trip. Feel free to ask any questions.Thanks Jesus. @jsanag

Spain Japan Spain by bicycle crossing Russia.
The amber trail
by Kartotxita, tour started July 2012, submitted 30 May 2013
language: es

The amber trail is part of a green ways network of central and east Europe. This biking trip covers from Budapest to Krakow (approx.716 Km)

This site describes a day by day itinerary in Spanish, however I will be happy to share information in English upon request.

European tour from Stockholm to Athens
by Johannes Mattisson, tour started 2012, submitted 10 July 2012

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Dall'Adriatico al Baltico - Da Trieste a Riga 3^ parte
by Massimo Armati, tour started July 2012, submitted 1 March 2012

" The show must go on", non ho alternative, riparto. Gli spazi si dilatano e anche qui, come in Polonia tra un paese e l'altro ci sono 10-15 chilometri di nulla, prati incolti, strette mulattiere sterrate che si diramano verso il nulla, rare mucche al pascolo e camioncini catapultati dalla macchina del tempo. Un chiosco di legno, in centro città è l'unica opportunità che ho per comprare qualcosa da mangiare, In pochi metri quadrati sono esposti i più disparati generi alimentari e non. Sembra il codice fiscale di un supermercato. Esco e trovo quattro bambini attratti dalla mia bici.

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Dall' Adriatico al Baltico, da Trieste a Riga seconda parte
by Massimo Armati, tour started July 2011, submitted 8 February 2012

Seconda parte di 2.200 km. in bicicletta da Trieste a Riga

Katovice: un' edicola con esposti quotidiani e cavolfiori (immagino di propria produzione), un tram che si regge a stenti quasi investe un Suv fresco di concessionaria e oltre una strada ciottolata, una zona commerciale degna di qualsiasi città italiana: supermercato, articoli sportivi, bricolage e giardinaggio. Resto senza parole. Noiosa pianura , dove l'unica cosa da fare è contare i chilometri mancanti a Chestokova. segue...

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Dall' Adriatico al Baltico, da Trieste a Riga
by Massimo Armati, tour started July 2011, submitted 31 January 2012
language: it

Il mare, la mia insegnante di inglese ed Auschwitz. Tre cose che apparentemente non hanno nulla in comune, ma che in realtà sono le basi che hanno fatto nascere questo ciclo-viaggio. Un viaggio dall' Adriatico al Baltico, la visita ad Oswiecim ( nome polacco di Auschwitz) e un salto a Riga, città natale della mia insegnante di inglese. Cartine alla mano, è stato sufficiente tirate una traccia (o meglio una Riga) aggiungere qualche deviazione turistica ed ecco preparato un viaggio.

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Reisekurzbericht St. Petersburg - Düsseldorf
by Horst Schuldenzucker e Bruno Holtschneider, tour started June 2011, submitted 28 October 2011
language: de

Im Internet stießen wir dann auf den Europaradweg R 1 der von Boulogne sur Mer in Frankreich über Belgien, Niederlande, Deutschland, Polen, Russland (Kaliningrader Gebiet), Litauen, Lettland, Estland nach St. Petersburg verläuft. Unser erster Teil sollte von St. Petersburg nach Düsseldorf gehen. Den Rest ab Boulogne sur Mer nach Düsseldorf wollen wir 2012 in Angriff nehmen.

Loop through D, DK, S & PL (including Elberadweg and part of Oderradweg)
by Ant, tour started August 2011, submitted 4 September 2011

1,600 Km (1,000 mi) loop with start/finish near Torgau, Germany.

Route: Mulde, Elbe, Baltic Coast, Oder and the Havel-Oder Canal.

Rainy, windy and lots of punctures. Full GPS tracklog available.

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By bike through north-eastern Europe
by Juuk Slager, tour started May 2009, submitted 18 August 2010

I made a trip by bicycle, starting in Gdansk (Poland), and then through Kaliningrad (Russia), Lithuania, Belarus, Latvia, many days in Estonia, Russia (with a stay of 2 weeks in St-Petersburg). My bike needed some maintenance and repair, and I needed to learn some more Russian.

From there I cycled along the coast to Vyborg (still Russia) and took a ferry to Finland. From east to west through Finland, and as a final the really nice Aland-islands. By ferry to Stockholm, a few days in Stockholm. By train from Stockholm to Goteborg, and then the last part by bike from Goteborg to Kopenhagen. By train back to the Netherlands.

Many experiences in altogether 103 days of cycling. Main accommodation in hotels, guesthouses, B&B's and at many people's homes (thanks to Hospitality Club). A lot of practical information for people who think about cycling in these countries. I can really recommend you to cycle there.

Andras Szilagyi s web page about bicycle tours Alps,Carpathians,Dolomites...
by Andras Sszilagyi, tour started 2010, submitted 25 July 2010

A short summery of my bicycle tours done in the past in Italy, Austria, Romania,Hungary,Slovakia,Poland,Ukraine.

There are a lot of tour suggestions including Georgian Millitary High Road,where I am looking for cycling mates.

My web site is getting richer in every two-three months by adding new tours.

Grossglocknerstrasse before Heiligenblut
A four month tour of mainland Europe by tandem
by Chris, tour started April 2010, submitted 1 May 2010

A four month cycle tour by tandem, starting April 2010. The plan, if you can call it that, is to have a good time, eat lots of food and visit some eco projects along the way. We also want to cover some miles in a clean, responsible, but ultimately enjoyable, cheap and stress-free manner. What better vehicle than the bicycle could we use to achieve this?

To me, the bike is the ultimate in human transport. Someone said that human progress should have stopped after the bicycle was invented. In my opinion, it did stop. The rest has been downhill. (I know that's not true, but I thought it sounded good.)

Anyway, this is the blog of our trip. We hope you enjoy the blog and we hope we enjoy the trip. That way, we're all happy.

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On tandem on the Avenue Verte, France
europa tour
by Claudia and Thomas, tour started April 2008, submitted 10 December 2008
language: en, fr est le site de l'association ``Vélo pour nous, vélo pour vous'', qui à pour but de promouvoir la pratique du vélo.

Entre autres, il raconte les voyages en vélo de ses adhèrents, et pas seulement...

Une grande partie est dédié au voyage de Claudia et Thomas autour d'Europe. Leur but est de faire un inventaire de la culture du vélo en Europe. Des jolis photos et un impressionant carnet de bord vous attend à les découvrir...

International Cycle Traveling, solo and self contained
by Peter Davis, tour started 2008, submitted 31 March 2008

I'm at one of those grave intellectual impasses that have been known to bring even greater minds than my own to a standstill. I have an orphan sock. Trivia, you say. Ha! I think not.

The cause of this problem is surely the work of that Slovakian KGB Agent, foolishly disguised as a laundress in Svolen. She stole it, I'm sure. Probably for a DNA sample to impress her superiors in Bratislava. They've been following my every move since the kustoms agent in Warsaw asked me the purpose of my visit to Poland. When I answered ``vacation'' the disbelief on his face gave him away. What, doesn't anyone go to Poland on vacation?

But back to the real problem, the orphan sock. The purists among cycle tourists would say, ``Throw it away, it's excess baggage. And while you're at it, cut three inches off that over-long toothbrush handle.'' But the Calvinist in me says, ``Save it. It's a good sock, nearly new.'' I've already reduced the weight of my baggage by losing its mate. Maybe I'll lose another and be back to even and lighter still.

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Gerloss Pass, Austria 2006
Bikerfab - travels and trips by bicycle
by Fabio Mannino, submitted 24 September 2007
language: it, en

Il ciclismo è sofferenza. Il premio è la cima di una montagna o una città a 2000km da casa. Se questo premio vi sembra adeguato allora la domanda ``ma chi te lo fa fare ?'' ha già una risposta. Se non vi sembra abbastanza, semplicemente non potete capire chi pedala.

Cycling is suffering. The prize is the top of a mountain or a city 2000km far from home. If this prize seems you enough, then the question ``why do you do that ?'' already has an answer. If you don't find it enough, you just cannot understand cyclists.

Missile ucraino davanti ad una stazione di servizio in Polonia - Ukrainian rocket in front of a fuel station in Poland
A This is a record of our cycle tour through Europe
by Hazel and John Owen, tour started July 2007, submitted 5 September 2007

This blog (still ongoing) describes our experiences, both good and bad, of cycle touring around Europe. It was a long planned trip - about 15 years before coming to fruition - and we decided that as we were between jobs and countries (from Dubai on the way back to NZ) we would explore some of the places we had always wanted to visit and get a culture fix too!

Baltic Sea, Pommern and Masuren July 2007
by José Rössner, tour started July 2007, submitted 4 September 2007
Europe: Poland
language: en, de, nl

We took the train ``City-Night-Line'' from Zurich (21.00h) to Berlin (10.00h. With some delay, ca.2 hours, due to railway personnel strikes, we arrived, alert in Berlin. In the sunshine we found the way out of the city at once. When we got to the border of Poland at Schwedt, it began to rain for two days with interruption. Fortunately we had tail wind until Masuren. We cycled via Stettin, the Baltic Sea coast along to Danzig, via Elblag and Olstyn to the Masuri sea-plateau until Gizycko. From there through central Poland via Bydgoszcz and Frankfurt/Oder back to Berlin. On the way back we fought against strong head wind. Because we cycled through so many forests, the heat (35ºC) in Masuren and wind on the way back, were not too big an obstacle.

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After the thunderstorm in Boryszyn
Bike ride from UK to Poland
by Bike Hippies, tour started April 2006, submitted 14 August 2007

Journey from south UK to northern Poland on a bike and a recumbent trike. We stayed in Poland for a few weeks and then travelled home via Denmark.

We left our jobs and sold our house to go on this trip - part of the reason for going was to explore whether we'd like to live in another country. The other reason was to satisfy my craving for long distance touring.

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Comm'on Life in Eurasia: 2 years of challenge and cultural discovery
by ELena Chernyshova and Gael de Crevoisier, tour started August 2006, submitted 18 July 2007
language: fr, ru, en

We are performing a 2 years (theoretically) trip around Eurasia. During the trip, we are performing a photo documentation for ICOMOS, an expert organization of UNESCO about cultural heritage. The database created will be available on the website.

We wish with this project to perform some challenging cycling, linking with useful actions.

Our website relates our diary and we are putting plenty of photos and comments (and lots of other fields are going to come, such as advices, technical data...).

Elena on bike, -12C Kazakstan, December 2006
Rolling Across Europa
by John Robinson, tour started June 2006, submitted 24 March 2007

During the summer of 2006, I traveled with only a bicycle from Lviv, Ukraine down to Napoli, Italy, then north to Calais, France. From Calais I ferried to Dover, then rode to London to complete the voyage. I visited eleven countries and saw a variety of landscapes and weather. I had encounters with many people and most of these were positive. I also used this experience to draw attention to a little orphanage in eastern Ukraine, the Makiivka HIV / AIDS orphanage.

Grossglockner Pass - higher than I wanted to go
Amsterdam to Vladivostok: A bicycle ride across Eurasia
by Mike Vermeulen, tour started March 2007, submitted 9 February 2007

A trip planned in 2007 to cycle across Eurasia. Follow along as Mike discovers Russia by bicycle. Departure from Amsterdam at end of March. Plan is to ride the first month to St Petersburg and then for five months cycling across Russia including the new section of road across Siberia.

See all 4 reports by Mike Vermeulen

A Trip in the Baltic Countries from Tallinn to Gdansk
by Janos Kertesz, tour started June 2004, submitted 26 March 2006
language: de

So viele Nachrichten von der erweiterten EU lassen uns nicht kalt. Unsere Neugier treibt uns - wir buchen die Fähre von Rostock nach Tallinn und starten auf eine Baltikum-Radreise mit offenem Ende. Vieles ist neu und abenteuerlich, die Russisch- und Polnischsprachkenntnissen von meinem Mann - ein Rest aus seiner Schulzeit - erweisen sich als sehr nützlich. Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius und Danzig liegen auf unserem Weg, sowie unzählige spannende Erlebnisse.

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Sääre Tirp, Peninsula on the island Hiiumaa, Estonia
Bicycle Travelling in 24 Countries
by Peter Davis, tour started June 2005, submitted 4 February 2006

This webpage is intended to provide information for cycle tourists who may be considering tours in the countries I've visited. For more information, journals and pictures leave a message in my guestbook or send me an email.

`` Yes, it's hot. But we've seen worse haven't we my friend. There was that day east of Warnambol when the chip seal melted and the chips stuck to the tires. A few revolutions later we had flats front and rear. So we pushed for a mile seeking shade to repair the punctures. And the flies Ah! And there was that time in Zamorah. Ah! But not now.''

See all 2 reports by Peter Davis

Memories from the Road
by Massimiliano Poletto, tour started June 1999, submitted 13 December 2005

In the summer of 1999 I cycled a little over 7000km across Europe, from Nordkapp, at the northern end of Norway, to Calabria, the southernmost region of Italy. It was the best bicycle ride and adventure of my life so far. This is my attempt to share what I saw and felt.

The Great Heart Travelers
by Julien Leblay, tour started 2004, submitted 28 November 2005
language: en, fr

``The Great Heart Travelers'' promote the blood donation riding around the world. They made a Europe tour of 5400 km in 2004, and a tour in New Zealand in 2005. (Follow the archive link at the bottom of the page to go to the European tour.)

See all 2 reports by Julien Leblay

Five continents on the bike 2001-2006
by rolmaatjes, tour started August 2001, submitted 8 October 2005
language: nl

In 2001 vanuit Nederland vertrokken en nu okt 2005 meer dan 65.000 km en al meer dan 40 landen doorgefietst.

Op de achtergrond het beroemde operagebouw in Sydney
East Prussia, Suwalki & Lithuania - A Winter Journey through Central Europe
by Karl Brodowsky, tour started November 2003
Europe: Poland, Lithuania

Within nine days including the train to the area where I am cycling and back a lot can be done. Relatively soon the decision had been made not to go to Scandinavia and so this came out to be an opportunity to see some of the eastern parts of Central Europe, for example Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland or the Baltic states. Off course I was especially interested in seeing East Prussia and its southern (Polish) parts, where my ancestors had lived. It seemed possible to combine this with a visit to Lithuania. Off course East Prussia had been known for its extremely cold winters and it is known that Lithuania is even further to the north and east, so probably at least not warmer. And November is already belonging to the winter in these areas. On the other hand I had done quite a few bicycle tours during the winter in Germany. And the real winter months in East Prussia are more like December, January and February, while November is more like the kind of winter that I know from areas further to the south and to the west. Off course it is a good idea to have a thermos can in the luggage and to fill it with hot tea or coffee. On the other hand I did took neither a tent nor a sleeping bag, but traveled with rather light luggage.

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Bicycle tour Carpathian & Balkan mountains
by Minko Oh, tour started June 2003

I did a tour along the Moldavian painted monasteries [in Romania], starting with a not too difficult pass. Sucevita monastery was even more beautiful. From there I continued east to a bigger town, Radauti, to find a bank machine for a few millions of cash. Via Solca I reached Gura Humorului. Met a group of German cycle tourists. Near the Sucevita monastery I found a nice place to camp at a B&B farm. I insisted to pay for this and for the use of the sanitary facilities and the host accepted my offer of 5 euros, which is a crazy amount for a simple camping spot. For this amount he invited me to sleep in a bedroom inside, but I refused politely and opted for my tent with nice views on the village road. My host spoke good English, teaching American sailors in Brasov and staying at his parents farm during the holiday season. [The next day I took] a small detour to visit the Voronet monastery.

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Red rocks of Belogradchik in Bulgaria
Bicycle tour Carpathian and Balkan mountains
by Minko Oh, tour started June 2003

[On June 20 2003] I did a tour along the Moldavian painted monasteries [in Romania], starting with a not too difficult pass. Sucevita monastery was even more beautiful. From there I continued east to a bigger town, Radauti, to find a bank machine for a few millions of cash. Via Solca I reached Gura Humorului. Met a group of German cycle tourists. Near the Sucevita monastery I found a nice place to camp at a B&B farm. I insisted to pay for this and for the use of the sanitary facilities and the host accepted my offer of 5 euros, which is a crazy amount for a simple camping spot. For this amount he invited me to sleep in a bedroom inside, but I refused politely and opted for my tent with nice views on the village road. My host spoke good English, teaching American sailors in Brasov and staying at his parents farm during the holiday season. [The next day I took] a small detour to visit the Voronet monastery.

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Red rocks of Belogradchik in Bulgaria
Bicycle Tour: Poland, Lithuania, Latvia
by Thomas Driemeyer, tour started June 2002

Poland and the Baltic states have not yet been discovered as a tourism destination, so we decided to discover the place for ourselves before the inevitable hordes of German package tourists do. We read up a lot on it, primarily from the Lonely Planet guides (not very helpful except for Gdansk and Riga) and the web. We also brought ``Polen per Rad'', volume 1, ISBN 3-932546-11-3, a German-language bicycle guide for Poland that proved essential to find all the sleepy and very scenic and quiet side roads in Poland. Recommended if you understand German - or even if you don't, just for the route maps!

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Central Europe by bike 2002 - a travelogue
by Karl Andersson, tour started 2002

A journey through Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria and Poland, by Karl Andersson. I am Karl Andersson from Sweden. This website is about the 2700 kilometers (1688 miles) that I biked from Stockholm to Kraków in the summer of 2002. You won't find the usual gear and packlist pages on this site. Instead, I've decided to share with you the diary I wrote every evening, slightly edited. A travelogue from the road. It's all there: The hellish days in former East Germany, the rain and wind that threatened to make me quit. Why would anyone do such a biketour, and that alone? My answer to this very frequent question among my couchpotato friends is: Why not? But OK, there's more to it...

Fernsehturm and Palast der Republik in Berlin
Nederland Azie op die fiets
by Jurgen en Saskia, tour started September 2001
language: nl

Ja, hebben jullie het al gezien, we zijn meer dan 4 jaar onderweg. Wat een tijd en toch.... we genieten er nog elke dag van. Nu zijn we in Jujuy, noord Argentinië. Via Chili gaan we binnenkort naar Bolivia, waar we een tijdlang niet zullen kunnen internetten. We zullen op grote hoogte gaan fietsen, hoogtes waar we nog niet eerder waren. Of dat prettig is.. jullie zullen het later lezen.

Bucarest - Cracovia
by Stefano Lugli, tour started July 2001
language: it

Le strade sono in buone condizioni in Polonia, Slovacchia e Ungheria. Per quanto riguarda la Romania la situazione varia dall'importanza della strada che si sta percorrendo. Quelle indicate nella mappa del Touring col colore bianco sotto la dicitura di ``altra strade'' sono spesso con un fondo stradale dissestato con buche o rattoppi che rendono la strada molto irregolare. Tutto questo in un ottica automobilistica, ma in un contesto cicloturistico ciò non comporta grossi problemi. Unica avvertenza non andare sparati in discesa se volete evitare spiacevoli imprevisti.

Notevole è però l'impegno rumeno per migliorare lo stato delle cose; strada facendo abbiamo incontrato spesso lavori stradali di risistemazione o rifacimento del manto stradale, quindi la situazione è possibile che migliori di anno in anno. Il traffico è abbondante a Bucarest e in direzione nord fino a Brasov; la statale 1 o E60 che parte da Bucarest fino a Ploiesti è vietata al traffico ciclistico. Conviene evitare, come del resto abbiamo fatto salvo poche eccezioni, le strade rosse di grande comunicazione. Ricordatevi che in Romania non esistono praticamente autostrade, quindi tutto il traffico si scarica sulle statali. Posso aggiungere che nelle strade alternative scelte, percorse e qui descritte abbiamo trovato quasi sempre un traffico scarso o tollerabile. La viabilità alle biciclette è consentita su quasi tutte le strade percorse. Abbiamo trovato qualche limitazione in Ungheria, apparentemente immotivata, che abbiamo risolto o con percorsi alternativi o, in un solo caso, infischiandocene del divieto.

La pedalata è adatta ad un cicloturista allenato. La lunga distanza e i dislivelli da percorrere non devono fare però paura. Il paesaggio carpatico è simile all'appennino tosco-emiliano, montagne quasi mai aspre, passi intorno ai 1.000 - 1.500 s.l.m.; ma anche dolci colline e pianure.

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Unentdecktes Polen
by Hans Jürgen Stang, tour started March 2001
Europe: Poland
language: de

Kilometerlange, schnurgerade und von mächtigen Bäumen mit ihren Blätterdächern gesäumte Alleen, unbekannte Vogelstimmen, Storchen-geklapper, endlose Felder und dichte Wälder - wo gibt es das alles noch?
Zum Glück gibt es auch in Europa noch solche Gegenden, wie wir bei einer Radtour in Polen feststellen konnten. Das ehemalige Pommern (Pomorze) ist unser Ziel, genauer gesagt das pommersche Binnenland - wegen seiner 1800 Seen auch Pommersche Seenplatte genannt (Pojezierce Pomorskie). Charakteristisch für dieses Gebiet sind Moränenhügel, Rinnen- und Gletscherseen, ausgedehnte Waldgebiete und dünne Besiedlung.

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Warsawa - Budapest - Venezia
by Louis Tousignant, tour started September 1999

My name is Louis Tousignant, a Canadian in his mid fifties, living in Nova Scotia on the Atlantic shore. Having cycled Copenhagen to Rome in 1998, and the U.K. in the mid 80's, it seemed a good idea to try Eastern Europe. As an eager amateur photographer, I particularly wanted to see Krakow, Prague and Budapest. Having had a grand time in Italy the year before, I also wanted to see Venice, a must... before one dies... Ergo this trip which I enjoyed tremendously.

This 52 day trip included 33 days of touring (3003 km for a 91 km/day average) and 19 days of travel and tourism. The load, minus water, was 20 kg, distributed in 4 saddle bags and one camera bag on the rear rack.

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Crossing the Carpathians by bike
by Györgyi Gábor, tour started July 1999

After four Tatra-tour I knew that I wouldn?t be satisfied with visiting only Zakopane; our goal was to cycle to Krakkow and than back to Hungary. I didn?t know that a guy from the team punctured, so when I cycled back, I found nobody. I had to continue my tour alone, but I hoped we would meet until the evening. In Zdiar during eating I was just thinking that I would have to get used to cycling alone, when my teammates apperared on the road. At the wooden house in the forest at the top of the first climb of Poland we turned not left as in 1997 or 1995, but turned right to north, to the Glodowka meadow. In my fifth Tatra-tour, with about 7-8 years of experiences in cycling I could discuss with the guys that if they don?t join me I could visit the famous wooden church of Debno 15 kms from there.

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On the road
Around the Baltic Sea
by Erik Straarup, tour started June 1998

26 days from 26-6 to 21-7-1998 - Distance 4830 km. - Average speed 21,3 km.t.

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